IKIO Approach to energy SavingS

1. Electrical system analysis performed as a whole (all loads) OR individual loads (such as lighting)

2. Customized Energy Savings Solution to address KW, kWh reduction and improve power quality

3. Solution implementation with least disruption to client operations

4. Client internal energy savings initiatives are not disrupted unless better savings could be achieved using IKIO solution

5. Utility bills analysis for savings opportunities

6. Robust Measurement & Verification using IPMVP


·  LED Lighting

·   Power Quality Improvement

·  HVAC Performance Improvement

·  Refrigeration Performance Improvement

·  Compressed Air System Optimization

· Customized Power Factor Correction addressed at the loads or at the Panels/MCC


1. Holistic energy savings approach vs. individual load approach.

2. Robust Measurement & Verification: IKIO uses IPMVP (International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol) to measure and verify the savings.

3. IKIO LED manufacturing operations produce highest quality lighting products at lowest cost.



IKIO manufactures a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential LED lighting in its world class ISO 9001 certified facilities. Replacing old lighting such as metal halides, fluorescent, and more with our LEDs can save up to 70% in energy. View our products page for commercial and industrial lighting fixtures that when implemented can produce great savings for any business.


Power quality is an important aspect to consider when implementing holistic energy saving solutions. Problems with power quality within a building can further impact performance caused by inadequate building wiring, incorrect grounding, or large loads sharing the same circuit. Overloading transformers, undersized wiring, and continued power problems can harm valuable data and equipment.

Power anomalies can damage equipment or cause failure if unregulated. All kinds of power issues face people regardless of their location, as it is a very limited resource. To address power quality concerns, IKIO uses four key strategies of power conditioning: voltage optimization, current reduction, harmonics filtration, and power factor correction.

  • Voltage is stabilized with a dynamic fast acting capacitor bank.
  • Current is reduced by using a real time dynamic reactive power compensation system to reduce copper losses I2R.
  • Harmonics filtration is performed by installing customdesigned reactors tuned to the 5th or to the 5th and 7th harmonics.
  • Power factor is improved by adding KVAR (kilovolt amp reactive) to the electrical system.

Our process to optimize power quality begins by assessing the current data with power quality analyzers that conti nuously measure, record, and store data. Next, we will create a simulation report for the client which will include energy savings and its effects on the network. Our solutions can utilize equalizers and transformers which optimize current, harmonics, and voltage. Finally, we analyze and compare the energy consumption before and after the solutions implemented.


Optimizing HVACR (air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump) units is a great opportunity for energy savings. HVACR units’ compressors (specifically the motor) consume about 70% of the total energy used by the units as a whole. The compressors can use up to 35% of the total energy used by most buildings employing HVACR systems. IKIO uses intelligent compressor optimization to save an average 15% of the HVACR kWh to combat this waste.

The intelligent compressor device is an electronic control system which collects data for temperature versus time when the compressor is on or off. This is used to calculate the optimal run time for each compressor. Control modules connect to switches located between the thermostat and each compressor. The devices are installed in series with existing controlled solutions (e.g. Thermostats,etc). The goal of the addon controlling strategy is to produce an increased amount of cooling while the compressor runs, additional to any existing controlling strategy. This will achieve the same amount of cooling desired, but in a shorter time, thus saving energy. Employing this controlling strategy can increase the coefficient of productivity (COP or CP) by managing the suction pressure (also called lowside pressure) at which the devices run. While simply turning off the compressor can save energy, the result of this action would negatively impact the cooling of the desired locations. But with the intelligent controlling solutions, energy is saved and the desired temperature can still be maintained.

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