A Lighting Partner that puts you in the Best Light

The 21st Century has been the time when most businesses have a lot of alternatives to choose from and in such a world, opting for the right partner matters a lot. So, what makes an LED Lighting Partner reliable and great for your businesses? Well, firstly, if you have decided to switch to LEDs or about to choose something that benefits your business and make it sustainable in the long-run, a big round of applause and congrats! To put the answer to that complex question in a sentence would be simply unjust. There are numerous factors at play that are important. But, some major factors put an LED Lighting Partner in a unique position to deliver Lighting Solutions that will continue to be relevant and be valuable for years to come:

1. Top-of-the-line Manufacturing Infrastructure

The most important aspect that determines whether the LED Lighting partner is right for you is their experience in manufacturing and its quality of infrastructure. After all, products of high-quality in large quantities are only produced in world-class, optimized manufacturing centers with less than 1% rejection rates. One can expect a company with a history of manufacturing excellence and continually improving its standards to undertake and deliver on your requirements more efficiently and satisfactorily.

IKIO has a history in manufacturing that dates back to 1987. We forayed into the LED Light manufacturing industry with immense knowledge that was acquired from all these years of robust manufacturing operations. Our leading-edge in this field begins with our 6 state-of-the-art ISO and OHSAS certified manufacturing centers spread over a combined area of 2.5 million sqft which allows us to maintain an in-process rejection rate of less than 0.68%. Our vertically integrated manufacturing setup with in-house automated powder-coating and injection molding facilities, ensure that businesses who associate with us have products that deliver the best value.

2. Vertical Integration: Competence to deliver Complete Solutions

An LED Lighting Partner that manufactures the products that they sell and has in-house engineers, designers and customer service executives almost assures you that you'll have a better experience working with the company. This is because you would be worry-free about which provider is responsible for what as there is just one company to call for all your information and queries. In short, a competent partner who provides you with a coherent, comprehensive and committed service that lets you be at ease.

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With a wide range of sustainable products, IKIO LED Lighting has developed a plethora of lighting solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family Residential / Hospitality, Hazardous Location and Solar Outdoor applications.

Our manufacturing setup incorporates vertical integration and is capable of churning out new generation LED lighting products consistently without compromising quality.

With our state-of-the-art R&D Lab, assembly lines and an around-the-clock team of well-equipped engineering and support staff, we strive to deliver innovative, reliable, efficient lighting solutions befitting our client’s specific needs.

We aim to deliver only the best in terms of expectations and the quality of our services and continuously audit and upgrade ourselves to meet them in an orderly and timely fashion.

3. Quality Control & Stringent Testing

Of all the qualities of an LED manufacturing company that you factor in, reliability is the bedrock of all. And that reliability is built with high-quality products and solutions, which are a result of stringent quality control and testing. Working with an LED Lighting Partner committed to high-quality will enable businesses and users to be sure of avoiding sub-standard components and light fixtures.


IKIO's tryst with quality is evident from its robust R&D centers and manufacturing quality certifications.

Before any LED lights or lighting products are realeased, they are tested under strict guidelines at in-house quality control centers. Well-organized system architectures ensure that potential product failures are arrested at an early stage and product reliability is precisely calculated. Effective reliability models and simulations ensure accurate prediction of product lifetimes. Well-structured FMEA approaches produce development cycles that allow consistent product improvement.

4. Validation Testing: Product Reliability Analysis

LED Lights are products that are developed for long lifetimes and to test its reliability, both the components and the total system are exposed to sufficient overstress to guarantee lowest failure levels. This is where Validation Testing comes in.

IKIO's Validation Testing uses Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to ensure the industry's lowest product and component levels. The ALT stressors include accelerated thermal tests and stress calculations to gauge the product's degradation over time in different environments. Combined with ALT, continuous field tests and consumer feedbacks further help us to increase our product reliability.

5. Length of the Company's Operations

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And finally, it is important to understand how long an LED Lighting company has been in operation. Longevity is usually a good indicator of the reliability of an LED Lighting company. If a company has been in operation for a great length of time, it is usually on the backbone of innovation, experience, expertise and good service over time.

IKIO forayed into manufacturing LED Lighting Systems in 2005 with the immense know-how in electronics and component manufacturing operations. With multiple projects successfully delivered in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, China and UAE, our expansion is a true feat of our operational excellence.

We continue to spearhead the revolution of LED lighting innovation through our consistent focus on R&D and operational optimization. This endeavor has resulted in the development of sustainable products that are changing the landscape of the lighting industry and energy conservation.