LED Lighting is paving the way when it comes to energy conservation. This is being recognized steadily by the industry and hence, efforts are being made to change the existing lighting fixtures with that of LED.

One such recent development has come from Orange City Council that in a move to save energy costs by almost $170,000 per annum has decided to install LED Lighting in all of its buildings. The initiation is meant to reduce carbon emissions by 740 tonnes annually. The total cost of $180,000 has been set by the Council to swap the existing 2117 fluorescent lights with LED Lights in 17 council buildings.

“According to the assessment report if council replaced the lights with approved energy efficient LED lights the money it saved, meant it would break even on its investment in just over a year,” elaborated Reg Kidd, Orange Mayor. He further emphasized on the fact that the council will also save about $34,000 it used to spend on the maintenance of existing fluorescent lights.

Orange Council is looking at the move from not only the point of view of saving electricity costs but also as an attempt to contribute to the environment. As the late Orange City Council Environmental Sustainability Policy Committee chair Mario Previtera rightly explained, “Anything we can do to save on our electricity costs and reduce our energy use is beneficial, not just for ratepayers, but the environment as well.”

Such initiatives, even if small, open up new horizons for the LED Lighting industry and allow its benefits to shine through.


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