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Choose The Ideal Color Temperature For Your Commercial Or Industrial Spaces. Here’s How!

Does your next project entail installing huge lighting setups? Knowing the science behind the color temperature will help you make the most of your LED lights and deliver excellent results.

When it comes to commercial and industrial spaces, implementing the ideal lighting color is crucial. Studies show that the right color temperature can heavily impact the overall atmosphere of a space, as well as increase the productivity and comfort of employees and workers. 

Having said that, it does get complicated when you have so many LED options to choose from. After all, different areas require different levels and temperatures of light, so much so that an umbrella approach to illumination is just not enough to cut it. 

So how do you decide which LED lighting color is the right choice? By understanding the fundamentals of color temperature and how it works. Read further to know!

What Is Color Temperature? 

Color temperature (Correlated Color Temperature or CCT in lighting tech jargon) refers to the perceived color of a light source. It is a gauge of how yellow or blue the color emitted from an LED light appears. Measured in Kelvins, color temperature is commonly found between 2700 Kelvin degrees and 6500 Kelvin degrees. The lower the number of Kelvin degrees, the warmer or yellower the color temperature is. Likewise, the higher the number of Kelvin degrees, the cooler or bluer the color temperature is.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Color Temperature

  • What Kind Of Atmosphere You Want To Create

Public spaces like restaurants, hotels & churches use warm lighting to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, while office buildings and hospitals often have lights with cool tones to promote focus and productivity. Factories and industrial facilities are generally decked with higher color temperature light sources. Simply put, color temperature can be classified into the following three categories:

  • 2700 K - 3500 K (approx) - Warm lighting for residential, hospitality & other relaxing environments.
  • 3500 K - 4000 K (approx) - Cool lighting for offices, hospitals & other commercial spaces.
  • 4000 K - 5000 K (approx) - Daylight for industrial and manufacturing applications.


  • Which Colors You Want To Highlight In Your Interior

Along with CCT, CRI should be considered to decide on the best options. Color Rendering Index or CRI can help you figure out how much the current LED light source is accurately illuminating your space’s true colors. Based on this, you can decide which new LED light source you want to change it with. Here’s an example of how to choose color tones for a space — if you have more white, blue or silver colors in the room, it is better to consider cool color temperatures. On the other hand, if the majority of shades are of wood, red & gold, warm color temperatures are more fitting. Spaces with neutral colors can easily accommodate the varying feels of different color tones, from cool to warm. Ultimately, the idea is to select a color temperature that complements the color of the overall surroundings.

Color Temperature For Diverse Applications

Here’s a simplified table to help you understand which color temperatures typically work best for which kind of spaces. We have only included typical applications here. If you want to know the ideal color temperature for a space not given below, feel free to contact us for guidance at (1) 844-533-4546 or info@ikioledlighting.com.


 Recommended Color Temperatures 

Outdoor sites, parking garages, security lighting

Efficiency is given more priority over color temperature in such areas. The recommended color temperature usually falls between 3000 K and 5000 K. 

General retail stores

The right color temperature varies depending on the brand, atmosphere & location. However, it is common for retailers to choose lighting within the 2700 K to 4000 K range. 


High-end restaurants usually go for warmer color temperatures (somewhere between 1800 K & 2700 K), while quick-serve restaurants prefer lighting in the 2700 K to 3500 K range.


Color temperature in hotels can also vary depending on their atmosphere, brand and location. The ideal color temperature for lobbies, hallways, and common rooms of most hotels falls in the 1800 K - 3000 K range, while guest rooms typically fall in the 2700 K - 3000 K range.


Cool or neutral color temperatures (somewhere between 3000 K & 4000 K) are usually deemed appropriate for office spaces.


Lighting with cool tones (3500 K - 5000 K) is suitable for hospitals and medical facilities as such color temperatures promote focus and alertness.

Schools & universities

Warm color temperatures (2700 K - 3500 K) are good for dining areas, while cool color temperatures (3500 K - 5000 K) are appropriate for common areas and classrooms.

*Note: Above given are the standard color temperatures for different application areas. However, the color temperatures are subjective and may differ as per the individual preference or project requirements. 

Consider CCT Selectable Products For Convenience 

Once you know which color temperatures are ideally suited for which areas in your building, you can opt for CCT selectable products for ease of use. With CCT selectable products, you get the benefit of multiple CCTs in one SKU. This means that instead of buying multiple lights with different color temperatures, you can simply buy one CCT selectable product and switch the color temperature in any space as you deem fit. 

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