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Meet Our Team

Proficiency. Prowess. Perseverance.

The three Ps very well define our leadership team that is not just dedicated to company’s evolution but is equally concerned with employee growth. They understand how to navigate the market in the highs & lows by working closely with all the stakeholders and take IKIO to unconquered heights.


CEO & Founder

Ekam is endowed with a wealth of business acumen, strategic planning, analytics, economic insights and a strategic vision – fundamental for company’s growth and reputation as one of the leaders in the field of LED-based lighting technologies. After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Bachelor of Science in 2014, he launched his startup and established himself as an entrepreneurial, goal-oriented problem solver – who believes in building real, personal connections with his team members. Being a young, dynamic and pragmatist leader, he envisions taking the company to new heights & ensure its sustained growth and success.


CEO, IKIO Global Manufacturing

Hardeep Singh, CEO of IKIO Global Manufacturing, is the visionary founder of the IKIO group. His noteworthy entrepreneurial acumen and hard work have been the key elements that built the remarkable reputation of the IKIO brand. His vision to run the organization with an emotional connect with its consumers is what sets the company apart from its corporate peers. Under his commendable guidance, the company is headed to be one of the key shapers of the LED industry with its ingenious innovation, and a dream for a brighter tomorrow for its consumers and the planet.


Chief Marketing Officer

Mandeep is responsible for the planning, development, and initiation of the marketing strategies across the portfolio. With a Master degree in Business Administration for International Marketing, he is a business-focused executive recognized for his dynamism and strong capacity to conduct multidimensional scaling in marketing. His unique perspective derived from professional experience in retail, IT, textiles and home furnishing, brings much-valued exposure and expertise in handling global markets. Currently, he manages international marketing at IKIO, where he is broadly responsible for maintaining brand image and forging strategic alliances.