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Linear High Bay

IKIO's Amplin Linear High Bay is designed for a variety of spaces and mounting heights. Its wide-angle optics, along with multiple lumen packages and wattage options, make it ideal for replacing linear fluorescent and HID lamps in industrial and commercial settings. The recommended installation height is between 15-25 feet. This high bay uses tier-1 components and frosted lenses, reducing energy usage by up to 70% and providing a lifespan of over 7 years.


-   Exceptional efficacy, ensuring smooth and uniform light output; no flickering or humming.
-   Sleek and low-profile design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.
-   With 75,000 life hours, it helps you save up to 75% energy over conventional fixtures.
-   Superior heat dissipation capability due to the use of an efficient heat sink.
-   Comes with built-in surge protection that keeps the voltage in check.

   Made to Order.   
Product Details
Efficacy (lm/W) Up to 150 lm/W
Power (W) 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, 300W
CCT (K) 5000 K
CRI 85+
Voltage 100-277V, 277-480V
Beam Angle 120°
Dimming Continuous Dimming to 10% or Below
Operating Temperature -10 °F ~ +120 °F
IP Rating IP54
Housing Aluminum
Technical Resources
Product Sheet
Installation Instructions
SKU Details
Power SKU Number CCT Voltage Lumen Output Driver Sensor Qualified part number Ordering part number Technical Data Sheet IES File
99.9W 662187487199 5000K 277-480V 14805lm Inventronics Yes IK-HBAX-0100-50-DY-RLHV02[Blank, BI] IK-HBAX-0100-50-DY-RLHV02BI Download Download
99.9W 662187485966 5000K 100-277V 14715lm Sosen Yes IK-HBAX-0100-50-DY-RLV02[Blank, BS] IK-HBAX-0100-50-DY-RLV02BS Download Download
149.9W 662187487205 5000K 277-480V 21905lm Inventronics Yes IK-HBAX-0150-50-DY-RLHV02[Blank, BI] IK-HBAX-0150-50-DY-RLHV02BI Download Download
149W 662187485959 5000K 100-277V 21498lm Sosen Yes IK-HBAX-0150-50-DY-RLV02[Blank, BS] IK-HBAX-0150-50-DY-RLV02BS Download Download
198.7W 662187478005 5000K 100-277V 29235 lm Moso No IK-HBAX-0200-50-DY-RLV04BX IK-HBAX-0200-50-DY-RLV04BX Download Download
199.8W 662187486345 5000K 100-277V 28034lm Sosen Yes IK-HBAX-0200-50-DY-RLV04[Blank, BS] IK-HBAX-0200-50-DY-RLV04BS Download Download
199.9W 662187487212 5000K 277-480V 28193lm Inventronics Yes IK-HBAX-0200-50-DY-RLHV04[Blank, BI] IK-HBAX-0200-50-DY-RLHV04BI Download Download
238.1W 662187486420 5000K 100-277V 35148lm Sosen Yes IK-HBAX-0240-50-DY-RLV04[Blank, BS] IK-HBAX-0240-50-DY-RLV04BS Download Download
239.9W 662187487229 5000K 277-480V 35532lm Inventronics Yes IK-HBAX-0240-50-DY-RLHV04[Blank, BI] IK-HBAX-0240-50-DY-RLHV04BI Download Download
299.9W 662187487236 5000K 277-480V 44101lm Inventronics Yes IK-HBAX-0300-50-DY-RLHV04[Blank, BI] IK-HBAX-0300-50-DY-RLHV04BI Download Download
299.9W 662187486437 5000K 100-277V 43885lm Sosen Yes IK-HBAX-0300-50-DY-RLV04[Blank, BS] IK-HBAX-0300-50-DY-RLV04BS Download Download
303.5 W 662187478029 5000K 100-277V 44685lm Moso No IK-HBAX-0300-50-DY-RLV04BX IK-HBAX-0300-50-DY-RLV04BX Download Download
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