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High Mast Light

IKIO’s Hexacule High Mast Light is designed for areas that require an extra emphasis on safety and security.


  • Adjustable beam angle. 
  • Powerful luminance, brightening areas that require controlled flood of light and extreme brightness. 
  • Micro multi-facet optics result in superior light uniformity and glare reduction.  
  • Comes with an IP66 rating, IP65 rating and an EPA of 1.49 ft², allowing it to function phenomenally against elements and for a long time. 
  • It offers Type V light distribution, and is dimming capable (0-10 V) too.
Product Details
Efficacy (lm/W) Up to 151 lm/W
Power (W)

Variant 1: 300 W

Variant 2 (Power Selectable) : 450 W-575 W-600 W

CCT (K) 4000 K, 5000 K, 5700 K
CRI 74
Voltage AC 277-480 V 50/60 Hz
Beam Angle 155° x 155°
Dimming Continuous Dimming to 10% or Below
Operating Temperature -40 ºF ~ +113 ºF
IP Rating IP65
Housing Die-cast Aluminum
Technical Resources
Product Sheet
LM79 Reports
Installation Instructions
SKU Details
Power Power Selectable SKU Number CCT Voltage Lumen Output (lm) Qualified part number Ordering part number Technical Data Sheet IES File
297 W No 662187486246 4000 K 277-480 V 44675 lm IK-RFL1-L140-300S1C5AT5H1 IK-RFL1-L140-300S1C5AT5H1-GR3NT20SPW40 Download Download
297.2 W No 662187485423 5000 K 277-480 V 44806 lm IK-RFL1-L140-300S1C5AT5H1 IK-RFL1-L140-300S1C5AT5H1-GR3NT20SPW50 Download Download
297.4 W No 662187486253 5700 K 277-480 V 44937 lm IK-RFL1-L140-300S1C5AT5H1 IK-RFL1-L140-300S1C5AT5H1-GR3NT20SPW57 Download Download
595.9 W Yes 662187486222 4000 K 277-480 V 22500 lm-55942 lm-89384 lm IK-RFL1-L140-600S1C5AT5H1 IK-RFL1-L140-600S1C5AT5H1-GR3NT20SPW40 Download Download
595.9 W Yes 662187477596 5000 K 277-480 V 22553 lm-56071 lm-89589 lm IK-RFL1-L140-600S1C5AT5H1 IK-RFL1-L140-600S1C5AT5H1-GR3NT20SPW50 Download Download
595.9 W Yes 662187486239 5700 K 277-480 V 22604 lm-56199.5 lm-89795 lm IK-RFL1-L140-600S1C5AT5H1 IK-RFL1-L140-600S1C5AT5H1-GR3NT20SPW57 Download Download
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